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Pan-American Medical Association of Central Florida

Dear Colleagues,  

As we enter the New Year of 2024, we celebrate our 40th Anniversary of the Pan American Medical Association (PAMA).  

The Association has endured four decades of strengthening the bond among the Central Florida Hispanic medical community. This is a year of celebration and reflection as we commemorate our common heritage, culture, friendships, and commitment to our patients as we reflect on PAMA’s accomplishments and goals for the future.  

Also, this is an opportunity to Honor those who founded PAMA and those that help maintain the foundation.

We invite and welcome new members to help expand and strengthen our community with new ideas and enthusiasm. We also encourage current members to maintain their support and participation.  

As President with the support of the Board, we invite everyone to join us making 2024, a historical year.

Hubaldo Villalobos, MD

President 2024


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